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YANINI ice cream emporium.

The wind last night kept us all awake and this morning sees people frantically laying down more anchor chain to keep their moored boats off the rocks, Sylvian coping calmly with a total electricity black-out by sharing his generator so we can drink coffee.

Who is Sylvian? Why, he runs the ice cream emporium with his lovely partner Ans. It is a paradise of camomile tea, all sorts of coffee, delicious muffins and pastries, but mostly home-made ice cream in 25 different flavours at the last count.
While everyone else has no broadband, I sit here with warm winds of terrifying strength bringing smells of Casablanca to my keyboard and I send them on to you.
Cartoon by Jill Dickin Shinas.

A visitor to the island recently wrote…..
“Sylvain is a crazy French guy who first set foot on a boat the day he bought one. Having successfully navigated as far as La Gomera (Canary Islands) he decided to take some time out from his voyage and spend a few years running an ice cream shop. For reasons which are not entirely clear, the shop is called “El Sueño de Yanini” (a sueño being a dream, and Yanini being the village drunk).

If you happen to find yourself in Valle Gran Rey be sure to drop in and sample Sylvain’s home-made chocolate or strawberry ice-cream, or try the passion-fruit and mango sorbets which are made from the fruit of his own trees.
Sylvain is keen to keep in contact with other cruising folk, and to encourage us to drop by he has installed a wifi antenna. So, if you pop the laptop in a bag and take it with you, you can sit on the terrace enjoying a raspberry ripple, and keep in touch with the rest of the world.”

Anthony is elsewhere giving a radio interview to BFBS radio. I should go and see how he’s getting on.

Come back soon…..

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Robin hires a bicycle.

Robin hired a bike to scoot about Valle Gran Rey doing errands and buying provisions.
But today he incurred the wrath of a local when he took the wrong bike and cycled down to AnTiki.
The chap who owned the bike arrived shortly afterwards, out of breath and angry.

Robin hires a bicycle. from Robin on Vimeo.

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The AnTiki Team.

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A few random shots.

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AnTiki is beginning to take shape

She’s beginning to look like a raft at last.

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Rachel has arrived.

Rachel has arrived in Valle Gran Rey – almost 3 years to the day since she started her epic trip across the Atlantic in a rowing boat.
She got stuck straight in to work on the raft!

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Yesterday was hot and progress was made in various directions. But I want to bring you pictures of Tess who is responsible for some beautiful rope-work.
Many years ago I bought a first edition of “Ashley’s Book of Knots” which is arguably the best book on the subject and a must for anyone interested in ropes. The chapter on splicing really captured my interest and so it’s a pleasure to see Tess practice this ancient skill on the quayside here in Valle Gran Rey.
The AnTiki raft will be a much better vessel for it.

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Dave has arrived.

Dave’s arrived and immediately charmed the security guard by showing him which direction lay the Virgin Isles. Anthony is dressing more and more like a hippy in keeping with the tradition of La Gomera.

Next day he got stuck in to carving out the mast step without cutting himself once!

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The tracker is LIVE

The ‘Yellow Brick’ is now live… so if it moves before AnTiki launches, it means it’s been nicked!
Click image for tracker page.

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The pipes are out of the container and in position.

Today we successfully extracted the pipes from the container and laid them into position ready for the raft to be constructed.
Earnest discussions continue as to how to go about certain tasks.