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Petra Gilders

Petra Gilders

As AnTiki approached the Island of St Maarten in April 2011, Petra Gilders sprung into action and ensured they enjoyed a proper welcome from her local community.
Petra is Club manager of St Maarten Yacht Club and THIS NEWSLETTER illustrates her enthusiasm and how much effort she put into the well being of AnTiki and her crew.
She organised winter quarters for the raft and when Anthony announced his intention to sail his raft up to Eleuthera Petra immediately organised everything with her seemingly limitless energy and practical ingenuity.

Petra has sent some brilliant pictures of the emotional departure of AnTiki from her mooring in St Maarten and has also sent a message for the blog which helps us all understand how involved she has been ever since the raft arrived at St Maarten this time last year.
She has given invaluable help to Anthony and his raft AnTiki over this last year and has earned a big place in the hearts of all the AnTiki family.

“What a pleasure to see the happy smile on Anthony’s face – and the excited
anticipation of Bruno, Ali, Leigh and Nigel.
An-Tiki was towed through the 9am bridge today from the Sint Maarten Yacht
Club dock, and are now nicely on their way on this great new adventure! (it
was with massive restraint that I didn’t jump off the tow boat and joined
the crew!) I’m so proud of the generosity of St. Maarten’s Marine

“I miss them already. It’s like a super movie that you don’t want to end.
What a great bunch of people – with a Joie de Vivre that is electric.
Good luck guys…………a great big chunk of me is with you!!
See you in Eleuthera……………!!!!