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Penny Tyas

Penny Tyas

Penny Tyas joins the team to handle the food and provisioning for the raft expedition. With over 20 years experience in yachting and catering on both sides of the Atlantic, including 3 crossings, Penny is very familiar with what is needed and what is important. “Long days at sea can become a little boring, and the dinner menu is often a high point, so it is important to try to make it something to look forward to” says Penny. Health issues are key too, with little physical exercise, the meals must be well balanced without too many calories. “But just to provide 1 orange per person per day will mean needing to carry 280 on board! As you can imagine, it becomes a logistical Everest!”.
After 20 years in the Caribbean, Penny now lives in Lymington with her son.
She is assisted by Beryl Bainbridge, Andy’s wife, and Trish Baily, David’s wife ( see separate listing), who have both lived for long periods on boats and are well aware of what food works best. Between the three of them they intend to make sure the crew live well and healthily, but don’t come back circular!

Here she is loading Robin’s garage with 730kg of food & provisions