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An extraordinary man – an extraordinary life.
08.07.2014 Uncategorized 4 Comments

An extraordinary man – an extraordinary life.

It is with great sadness that I must tell you Anthony died yesterday, monday 7 July 2014.
His eldest son Adam was with him in hospital when he succumbed to acute respitory failure.
His book about the AnTiki adventure is with the publishers and will be published in February 2015.
Modern technology means we can still hear his voice, so enjoy these archives I have cobbled together.
Link to Anthony’s archive.

Obituaries HERE.

Please feel free to leave your tributes under comments below.

4 Responses to “An extraordinary man – an extraordinary life.”

  1. Jo Slade says:

    Where do you start with a tribute to such a wonderful man? I am terribly fond of Anthony, with his gentle manner and fascinating tales of a life lived to the full, not forgetting his quick wit and charming smile. Anthony’s contribution to life, with and without his balloon, has been incredible and extremely admirable. He set the bar high with his intoxicating scene of adventure and curiosity, always questioning and seeking something new and exciting. I’m going miss you Mr Smith, time spent in your company was always a joy. Have fun exploring the stars, make sure you do find out what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars. 🙂


  2. Ohhh, i read this even now.
    Farewell Anthony.
    I live at la Gomera, Valle Gran Rey.
    I have the honour to talk with him and his team.

    It is sad, but it is life.
    Henner Riemenschneider

  3. sorry the youtube link is private, i can not see anything. :o(

  4. Martin Shelley says:

    How sad to learn of Anthony’s passing; his was such a wonderful life lived to the full. I felt privileged to have spent a happy afternoon in his company a few months ago talking about his many exploits and trying to help get the film of his raft trip edited by an old friend of mine. I came away with a signed copy of his fine book Smith & Son about his reprise of his trans-African Triumph Cub journey, this time accompanied by his son. His book on gas ballooning, The Dangerous Sort, is a long standing favourite read of mine. To meet the author was unforgettable. May he rest in peace floating freely above us all where he rightly belongs!

    Martin Shelley

    PS A fitting memorial is the series ‘The Train Now Departing’ currently being rebroadcast as part of the BBC i-player Collections series. This nostalgic look at the railway is an unmissable reminder of his wonderful creative talent.

    LINK to his programmes.

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