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Bruno’s slide show

Bruno has put together a slide show of his pictures from AnTiki – a really lovely window on life aboard a raft on the Atlantic ocean.
It is 35mb and this site limits uploaded files to 7mb. So I hope you can download it HERE

No doubt there’s a slicker way of allowing you to view them – all advice welcome! HERE

3 Responses to “Bruno’s slide show”

  1. Peter Baker says:

    Good show Bruno.
    I need to work out how to slow down the rate the photos are shown on my screen though to view the pictures more.
    Peter Baker Penang Malaysia

  2. Eleanor Hough says:

    Thanks for the lovely slideshow, I’m curious to know who’s playing the music please? Regards, Eleanor

  3. John Russell says:

    Great slide show, which brought back lots of memories of happy life on the ocean wave ! John

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