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Slideshow « AnTiki finds a new home
09.05.2012 Uncategorized 3 Comments

AnTiki finds a new home

AnTiki crept slid gracefully into Governor’s harbour this morning on the end of a tow rope, skippered by local fisherman Daniel Gerzewski, to take up residence in her new home. She held her head high as she hove into view and the assembled throng watched as AnTiki floated nearer and nearer.
They could see Captain Anthony shaking hands with various dignities on the shore including Damian Gomez (MP elect, Central and South Eleuthera),in what was his first official duty around town in Eleuthera, since confirmation of his victory by the parliamentary commissioner in Nassau, on Wednesday morning.
Children from Eleuthera’s schools enjoyed a break from lessons to watch the arrival of this strange vessel and will enjoy learning the story of Anthony’s extraordinary adventure.
The whole finale to AnTiki’s long journey across the Atlantic to Eleuthera was reported by The Eleutheran News.
Read here…There are great pictures!

Anthony welcoming his raft to Governor's Harbour

Ros Seyfert from Haynes Library was at the harbour with her camera yesterday morning as AnTiki arrived.
Here are some of her pictures……

And now, here is the weather.

3 Responses to “AnTiki finds a new home”

  1. Captain Smith!!! Brilliant achievement. Flew over Antiki being towed into the harbour….would have LOVED to be on the beach.

  2. Mike McVeigh says:

    Just arrived Feb 10, 2015 aboard Schooner Liberty Clipper.

    Antiki has broke her mooring and is aground. Please contact me if we can help out in anyway

    Mike McVeigh
    Fleet Engineer, Liberty Fleet of TallShips

  3. Mike McVeigh says:

    Antiki Is Afloat again!

    I Spoke with Bob Colman yesterday and met with Liam, a Local interested in using it for small passenger tours. I am working with them on go fund me to make it a reality. Please check out the site frequently as I am Starting to build the campaign.
    Mike McVeigh
    Fleet Engineer, Liberty Fleet of TallShips

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