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Raft for sale – one careful owner
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Raft for sale – one careful owner

The time has come to decide upon the future for AnTiki and Anthony has agreed to take his first faltering steps in the lofty halls of ebay and social networking to spread the word.
From the earliest stages of AnTiki’s conception, Anthony worked hard to attract a teacher on board as crew whose school would become the central hub of communication for all schoolchildren throughout Britain to have the opportunity to follow the raft’s progress and share the learning process.
The way he has been welcomed by the Islanders on St Maarten and Eleuthera has warmed his heart and it would give him great pleasure to think AnTiki could continue to educate and inspire people of all ages – either as a static attraction, or as an active ocean-going raft.
When Anthony finished his studies in Cape Town he cashed in the boat ticket home, bought a motor bike, and rode it right across Africa and home to England. His subsequent book ‘High Street Africa’ started him on a life as author/journalist which has continued ever since.
His recent trans-Atlantic crossing by raft is just the latest caper in a long list of extraordinary adventures which have filled Smith’s life and which have been his unorthadox means of gainful employment.
There will be a book and a film, but neither will go any where near compensating him for the money he has invested in this trip – the whole escapade has drained his purse enough to make Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn turn in their graves.
So the AnTiki raft is being offered for sale by auction on ebay. LINK
I confess I had difficulty in seeing Anthony’s vision of rafting becoming a new craze, just as roller skating has enjoyed enormous popularity, unexpected during its humble beginnings.
Will it become a diving platform? Will someone navigate her back across the northern Atlantic to UK, or westwards across the Pacific ? Anything is possible, but the entire team who have had a hand in AnTiki’s life all want her to survive.
From the day the seed was sown in Anthony’s mind right up to the moment church clocks on Eleuthera struck midnight on April 30 2012 and AnTiki was washed up on the very beach which sowed that seed, the raft has gathered an ever-increasing band of followers, and that band will grow on sunday when The Sunday Telegraph publishes his article.
If you want to know more, please make contact HERE and we shall be delighted to help.

Click HERE for ebay auction page.

And please remember it’s very easy to donate to AnTiki’s charity

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