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AnTiki has landed !
30.04.2012 Uncategorized 24 Comments

AnTiki has landed !

This just came from BRUNO. I’ll leave you gazing at those beautiful words… I’m off to make a cup of tea 🙂


AT 025 17 N 076 19W


Moments after AnTiki arrived at Jolly Boat Beach at midnight (© Spice Media Group 2008-2011)

Nigel, Leigh and Bruno being welcomed by Jacquie from Eleuthera Tourism (©Spice Media Group 2008-2011)

Anthony has landed right where he always wanted to

The Eleutheran Newspaper has published the story with pictures already! Click HERE.

24 Responses to “AnTiki has landed !”

  1. Andy and Beryl Bainbridge says:

    Phew, you had us on the edge of our seat for a while. Congratulations on the completion of an epic voyage. You made part 1 look quite tame in comparison. Best wishes to all. Andy and Beryl

  2. David Hildred says:

    12.26am Spoke direct to Petra a few minutes ago who says she and Bruno’s wife are waiting at a nearby house while the police and local helpers drive to the beach to collect the crew.
    The fact the message from Bruno came from an email direct from the raft indicates to me that Antiki is in one piece as the electronics are still fully operational. The crew are obviously safe so the news is all good.

  3. Jeff & Val Roberts says:

    Great news, congatulations to all on board! Look forward to hearing more news during the day.

  4. Robin ( in AnTiki HQ ) says:

    Well. What a night. AnTiki has made a triumphant landing right where Anthony always wanted to land. I can’t believe it. And in atrocious weather too. Hats off to the heroic crew.
    Now the last remaining job is to decide AnTiki’s future – but that can wait until tomorrow….

  5. john willis says:

    Bravo . Great news that Anthony and his crew have arrived where they wanted to go.

  6. Paul Adams says:

    Hearty congratulations to all concerned! I left Airport Beach at around 10.15 thinking she would come ashore at daybreak. Sorry not to have been there at midnight but enormously relieved. What a cliffhanging ending, and what incredible bravery and toughness! Hooray!

  7. john willis says:


    Robin (and Anthony when he has a moment!)

    Any possibility that the Florida Maritime Museum could be interested (reference your remark concerning An-Tiki’s future)

  8. Franziska says:

    Hip hip hurrah !! Congratulations to all of you…best regards Franziska

  9. Roger Sanderson says:

    Heartfelt congratulations to all on board!

  10. John Russell says:

    Fantastic !! Well done to all for achieving what seemed at times an unlikely end. We should have known all along that Antiki would make it. Anthony, you must be over the moon at achieving your long-held goal, and I am only sorry not to have been there. I am taking a bottle of bubbly over to HQ this afternoon to celebrate in style with Robin. Best wishes to everyone. John

  11. Brenda McIlwraith says:

    This is the BEST news! 🙂 Everyone at WaterAid so pleased. Congratulations!

  12. Sue Johnson says:

    Well done Anthony and all your crew (from both voyages) – it’s absolutely fantastic news that you finished your raft trip at your desired destination. Can’t wait to read the book!

  13. Jenni & Richard d'Alton says:

    Fantastic News, It was a gripping journey to watch on that tiny screen.
    It must have been a brilliant feeling to land on the right beach on the right island. Congratulations.
    Lots of love

  14. Jenni & Richard d'Alton says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Well done Anthony – and team.
    AND on the right beach as well as the right island, champagne tonight ofcourse.
    Love from us both

  15. Home is the sailor …

  16. Chris Martin says:

    Great Work guys! What an amazing trip

  17. Leigh's Mom says:

    What a relief to know they made it onto that beach and are alive and safe. Thank you to Bruno who kept them safe on the voyage and to the Eleuthera people who welcomed them so warmly.

  18. Nigel's Brother says:

    Welcome home and congratulations to you all! We are relieved you are back safely.

  19. LADY B CREW says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to Captain and Crew!!! Warmest regards from us all on Lady B. We are delighted that An-tiki and her crew can celebrate another successful voyage.

  20. Allan Patrick says:

    Well done Anthony and well done the crew, a special well done to Antiki for getting you there safe and well.

  21. David Hildred says:

    Well done indeed to the five travelers and, having been on the raft and knowing how strong she is, I would like to add a well done and thank you to all of those who helped make Antiki special so that we all walked away unharmed. As Allan says above, she did indeed look after all of us who had the good fortune to sail on her. We owe huge gratitude to him and many others for the great work and effort put into building her.
    Thank you also to the support team (especially Robin) and to all those great people who have been bombarded in many places over the last two years with emails and calls….. not least those in Eleuthera who helped us so much last night! I know your names and some of your voices and hope one day to see the faces!
    Finally to the wives, family and friends who waited while we went and “played” and who’s nerves must have suffered as a result.
    Now give to the Water Aid charity PLEASE, so that others can also benefit from this great and successful expedition.
    Best wishes Dave

  22. […] in the Bahamas on the very spot he had hoped to. See the Newsy bit for more details or check out http://gasballoon.com/antiki/?p=2211. To Anthony and his team, our most heartfelt congratulations. We’ve already drunk to your good […]

  23. nick payne says:

    A job well done from Cattitude sorry we couldnt see you on route, we are stuck in DRep.
    A great ambition accomplished! and landing on target great! really fantastic!


  24. Rik Graty says:

    Well done congratulations Anthony, you realy “told” everyone by doing this. BRILL-I- ANT! Rik

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