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AnTiki sitting at anchor just off the beach

AnTiki has decided to sit at anchor during the night and wait for a tow boat at day break.
She is very near the Jolly Boat landing site and about 800 metres offshore.
People are on the beach with lights and are in VHF radio contact with the raft.
Bruno has sent emails regularly and everyone is OK.
The YellowBrick now transmits their position every 30 minutes.

AnTiki sitting at anchor just south of Jolly Boat landing beach


AnTiki moored just off Governor's Harbour beach until day break

2 Responses to “AnTiki sitting at anchor just off the beach”

  1. Kathy says:

    Congratulations! You made it! Glad you’ll be ashore soon.

  2. Eduardo says:

    Congratulations to all crew!! And my deep sincere respect.
    I met An-tiki in Saint Martin shipyard, where we arrived with my boat, just before the Antiki started sailing again. I spoke there with Anthony, and I’m so glad and proud of having discovered a new modern model of human being for nowadays that I reconsider since then the personal importance of my small goals in life, a humbleness lesson.
    Thank you for it, and my best wishes for all you

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