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Tow boats
29.04.2012 Uncategorized 3 Comments

Tow boats

AnTiki is a raft. And by definition it is designed to go with the flow. So when it needs to go to a particular place, it needs help.
Below are some pictures of the different tow boats that have joined the exclusive club of vessels who have had the privilege.
We just need ONE MORE……. from 1 mile outside Harbour Island into the lagoon. So any help would be MOST WELCOME!

First we had to get her into the water

AnTiki taking her first faultering steps into the lofty halls of Atlantic Crossing

Farewells exchanged and off she goes

Arrival at St Maarten 66days later

Rescue tow after being blown off her mooring in St Maarten

3 Responses to “Tow boats”

  1. So sad you will not make Govenors Harbour Today!

  2. Paul Adams says:

    Congratulations! Antiki is now very near the site at which the Anglo Saxon “Jolly Boat” bearing the barely surviving Tapscott and Widdicombe came ashore so long ago. Unfortunately the weather is unusually bad for this time of year, visibility is poor and the onshore wind quite strong. Perhaps, as dusk falls, you are able to discern something of this wonderful island through the driving rain and spray. However, dangerous and likely invisible reefs separate you from the beaches stretching south from James Point. The decision to press on to Harbour Island is a wise one; we look forward to greeting you up there. Have a safe onward journey!

  3. Peter Baker says:

    I guess the currents or sea state don’t allow you to use your “outboard motor” to help guide Antiki into harbour or to the beach you was planning to land at?
    Well done anyway to “both” crews for finally getting Antiki to her final destination!
    Or could the final destination be a trip back across the Atlantic at some stage?
    Best regards
    Peter Baker. Penang Malaysia.

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