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Eleuthera, HERE WE COME
29.04.2012 Uncategorized 1 Comment

Eleuthera, HERE WE COME

I received an email from Bruno last night……

“Many thanks everyone for your advice. After much brouhaha amongst the crew we have safely agreed that we would need good fortune to land on ‘our’ beach.

We are now heading for a waypoint 4 miles east of Palmeto Point. From that point, we will head 297 degrees towards our sailors’ landing point, aiming to be as close to the beach as possible but maintaining enough maneuverability to escape north if needed.

Once in position we shall consider all variables, taking into consideration points raised whilst praying for good fortune. If the god are not listening and weather and waves are foul we shall head north for Harbour Island.

We shall keep you posted and look forward to our first sighting of Eleuthera.
Many thanks,

And a little while ago, this message came from Doon who has been giving AnTiki valuable local knowledge…

Hi All,
Sorry we don’t have the gorgeous weather we had last week for your arrival. I’m scanning for your lights N of Governors Harbour but the rain is hampering visibility.
Let us all know your location/plans.
Be safe,

So plenty of good people are on standby on Eleuthera to give AnTiki a hearty welcome.
Petra Gilders, the club manager at St Maarten Yact Club, flew up there yesterday from St Maarten and will soon put faces to names of all the people who have been captured by the spirit of AnTiki.

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  1. Fantastic … well done. Awesome determination and seamanship. Congratulations to all on board and to those who sailed An-Tiki out from the Canary Islands during the first leg of the voyage,

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