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Land Ahoy!
25.04.2012 Uncategorized 2 Comments

Land Ahoy!

AnTiki's position 8pm GMT 25th April

The Raft AnTiki is currently heading for Samana Cay which is not only the largest uninhabited island in the Bahamas but also widely thought to be the very place that Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas in 1492.
There are strong Easterly winds forecast tomorrow which will blow AnTiki further west, but as they near Long Island, the ocean current turns north again – to AnTiki’s advantage.

The communication equipment still works though and delivered this to my computer last night……

Dear Robin,
Our desire with Antiki is to go north-west and reach Eleuthera. Currently we are travelling south-west. So what’s happening with all our expertise? Of course this still exists, and has brought us within a hundred miles of our planned destination, but even we have to experience unhelpful winds. Therefore, and going in quite the wrong direction, we are sitting tight. We had considered using the sea-anchor to slow (and alter) our faulty direction but after some precision chart logging we realized that would only cause the loss of 26 miles. We have tried to lessen the inevitable windage from our 8-foot pig ark by draping the awning aerodynamically across the store seats. And we are steering as closely as possible to north-west even though moving south-west.
The good news is that forecasts for the next few days indicate winds increasingly veering in our favour. We are therefore losing ground right now but hope to see improvement with our course when tomorrow dawns. Who knows, but we may even get back to bits of ocean already travelled. And then, heigh ho, on to pastures new leading to our destination. Currently we expect/hope that Monday the 29th will be arrival day. But who knows? Neptune plays his cards close to his chest and we only get glimpses of what might happen. In short, watch this space, and wonder if we will get to the very beach that has been our intention all along and ever since setting sail on the Atlantic’s other side.

Ocean Currents 25th April

2 Responses to “Land Ahoy!”

  1. Rob Bayly says:

    Hi Anthony and crew,
    we are watching your progress with great interest from a very wet Bristol. Our garden has enough standing water to float a raft. We totally support Water Aid too and have been involved in the Glastonbury Festival where Jan volunteers. Stay dry and we send all our best best wishes for a safe final run to land. cheers ROB, JAN, MATT and SKY (the dog) BAYLY

  2. We have been watching you progress for quite sometime now and are hoping you make it to our shores here on Eleuthera.
    It will be a great accomplishment for the Antikis crew .
    Ken & Adele

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