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Ghost story… The Writer and the Sailor
24.04.2012 Uncategorized 1 Comment

Ghost story… The Writer and the Sailor

Last night a message arrived from AnTiki. Ali has shared another aspect of life on the raft AnTiki…..

For my Masters in Professional Writing’s final project I am busy researching a ghost story, The Writer and the Sailor. (Sub-title Knowledge of Dead Secrets) And yes, the story is unfolding on An-Tiki. No prizes to guess ‘The Writer’ our Captain Smith has written and published over thirty books including Survived, in which he wrote a vivid account of two sailors who survived seventy days at sea, ship-wrecked in a jolly boat after their merchant ship was torpedoed in 1940.
The two sailors eventually landed on the island of Eleuthera (Greek for freedom) and An-Tiki’s destination in less than a week, winds and God permitting. Of the two sailors, Widdicombe was the first to recover but on his return to Britain, his ship was torpedoed and our hero died.

We first realized Widdicombe’s supernatural presence on An-Tiki by the strange smell of Woodbine tobacco and the erratic luffing of the sail. His pranks become less playful when three dagger boards smashed and the bolt holding the rudder bracket disappeared. Luckily Bruno noticed the disassembling rudder last night and all was repaired. Where will Widdicombe’s ghost strike next?

I am sitting under the awning with Anthony, leaning against the pig ark, watching sun sparkled waves lap and lift the raft. We are both feeling slightly disappointed (though we cannot blame Widdicombe) that this section of the Atlantic is proving quite sterile and empty of life. Desolate wave upon wave above a barren sea with no long awaited whales or sharks or dolphins. Even the Dorados have taken to ignoring us leaving only the drifting Sargasso weed for entertainment.

All cameras on any lonely bird that might come hither as the salami on the fishing rod stays intact. Our highlight of today was a lone flying fish lying dead upon the deck.

Anthony with the lone flying fish

Nigel and Bruno effecting repairs to the steering sweep ( rudder)

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  1. Trish Baily says:

    Grab a handfull of That Sargassum weed and shake it into a bucket – you will find a myriad of things hiding in it – tiny shrimp, the Sargassum swimming crab, if you are lucky the Sargassum Seahorse or a Sargassum Frogfish. Fingers crossed the wind moves further east to drift you to Eluthera – Cheers and happy sailing – Trish from the BVI.

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