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Mother nature
13.04.2012 Uncategorized 2 Comments

Mother nature

AnTiki has enjoyed near perfect weather since starting her journey 6 days ago. Most importantly the winds have been in the right direction enabling the raft to make progress towards her destination in The Bahamas.
But it’s not as easy as that – to have any chance of making landfall on the Island of Eleuthera, the raft needs to head north into the open Atlantic, past the tropic of cancer, beyond 25° North, and then head west.
The YellowBrick track last year shows more than one ‘loop’ where the wind blew the raft backwards and the same is happening now as the winds are blowing from the north east.
AnTiki carries a sea anchor, and the crew will deploy this to minimise the distance the raft will be blown back the way she came.

Click image for bigger size

Click on image for bigger size

Friday 4pm UK time

Saturday 14th 8am

Her track from midnight to 4am (UK time) shows the raft travelled about 5 miles south (backwards) and suddenly at 4am she turned north again and has held this track until the most recent YellowBrick signal.
The crew will have their sailing skills tested this weekend as they fine tune the sail, guaras and steering sweep to achieve the most beneficial direction.

Meanwhile, Bruno has sent more pictures – my favourite is Leigh proudly taking a freshly baked loaf of bread from the oven.

Leigh cooks a perfect loaf

Anthony tests the wind with anemometer

Bruno with Flying Fish

Swallow escapes the strong winds and visits AnTiki's galley

Sail reefed for bad weather

2 Responses to “Mother nature”

  1. David Hildred says:

    They are obviously each using their loaf as its certainly the right move to deploy the sea anchor with the wind as it is…oh, yes the pun is intended !

  2. Hello rafters!
    Thanks for the photo’s…………An-Tiki looks like such a content little floating island!
    Ladies……are you making our Captain fat yet? The bread looks delicious.
    Anthony, you look so well and happy. (Love the cap)
    Ali, are you getting much writing done? Great birdie story. Bruno, I see you busy with a flying fish in the photo. Have you and Nigel been catching any – with a rod and reel?
    Today was a difficult sailing day – hope the fair winds return soon.
    Cant wait to see you all in Eleuthera, and hear the stories. Miss you all!
    Petra xx

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