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Swallows and Atlantics
12.04.2012 Uncategorized 1 Comment

Swallows and Atlantics

Two Swallows have visited AnTiki….. Ali tells us what happened. And I hope to add pictures when they arrive.
(Arthur Ransome would approve)

Swallows and Atlantics
Early Thursday morning I was awoken from my hammock by the twitter and flying commotion of two swallows – perching and re-perching on rope, hammock edge and dicey metal post. I sat up, yawned and twittered back.
Seemingly pleased that I was all eyes the swallows enthusiastically performed a fly past, up and over the mast, their tiny shadows dancing past the sail, only to re-appear and hover daintily, debating their choice of preferable perch. Tails a wag, feathers perfectly aligned they darted away across the dark blue waves heading for the rising sun.
Had this been a birdy sign of gratitude, I wondered as I clambered into the cabin in search of our late night visitor who had arrived in a flurry of feathers as we were stacking up the dinner debris. A solo swallow bumping and crashing into alien obstacles, I had captured her in my hand only to force her to suffer the lights of fame as she was photographed from every angle, her curved beak pecking the air in angry indignation.
Released at last into the starry vastness, she refused her freedom and double backed to the cabin, alighting on straw bonnet, fire extinguisher, saucepan lid left akimbo; first favouring the unsteady cork of an opened red wine bottle until she found the comfy shelf above the VHF machine to rest awhile and wait for dawn. The sleeping arrangements of her mate remain a mystery.

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  1. Franziska says:

    You have found just the right words to make this encounter come to life ! I hope we get to read more from your pen !

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