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News from AnTiki
11.04.2012 Uncategorized 3 Comments

News from AnTiki

Ali is chief camerawoman on board AnTiki but yesterday she put down her camera and sat at the computer to send us some news and pictures.
Since they set sail on saturday Nigel has suffered from sea sickness – especially bad luck since it was his birthday.

Ali’s email….pictures by Bruno

Nigel has been premier vomiter – he believes he has puked and growled from all quadrants of the raft.
It began on the first day – his 62nd birthday and as AS said ‘a most memorable birthday’

(I count 6 glasses, so probably taken before the off?)

Everyone swam (except for AS – more a question of how to get him back on the raft) – it was delicious to be out of the hot sun and the water was refreshing rather than freezing.

Out of the 880 miles we have managed to cover 180 miles which leaves 700 miles to go. He he
Leigh and I are cooking delicious fresh meals – even cooked a cake for Easter – although its bottom was somewhat burnt.
Bread making starts tomorrow as Bruno eats 5 slices at one sitting.
Anthony is littering the raft with stale bread, grapefruit skins and dead flying fish awaiting ‘the birds’.

Lots of filming and photographing and endless chattering with AS as I build up the strangest relationship between Widdicombe and ye olde captain.
Night watch is lots of fun – 2.30 to 5am for me and I can’t help thinking about those Jolly Boat survivors.
Nigel got on the radio to a big cruise ship the other night and the radio operator rather indignantly questioned why on earth he should be contacting us –
‘Of course, we are aware of your presence. We have you on our radar blah blah.’
But we shall be entering busy shipping lanes as we get closer to the Bahamas so all good practice with close encounters of the larger kind.

The pig ark houses AS and Nigel & Leigh in the bunk. Bruno and I erect our hammocks either side of the shed – last night I was forced to come inside as the wind and rain blew my cozy cocoon apart but all dry now for another night under the stars.
The Dorados have started to keep us company – some turquoise and a dolphin swam under the raft…

Sail reefed against a storm

Frigati with flying fish

3 Responses to “News from AnTiki”

  1. You are making excellent progress and we are following you all the way. Giving out radio reports on Island92, 9.9fm and worldwide via internet broadcast three times a week. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you. An-Tiki, the spirit of adventure burns bright!

  2. Jacquie says:

    It is exciting that you are once again on the way to the Bahamas.
    We pray that weather conditions will improve as you journey to the beautiful isle of freedom – Eleuthera! A warm welcome awaits you!

  3. Brendan and Rebecca says:

    We are tracking your progress closely! Bravo! Hope Nigel is feeling better?

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