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Media interest
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Media interest

The Daily Herald Newspaper in St Maarten published a story about AnTiki as it left on Saturday 6 April.
You can read it HERE.
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And after a woman called Madeline Polss heard about AnTiki on Gary’s radio programme she rowed out from her boat in St Maarten to see them off and wrote the story on her blog HERE.
Scroll down her page until you find it… and her great pictures!

“The Daily Herald – Saturday, 07 April 2012 00:59
SIMPSON BAY–After a one-year lay over, exactly to the day, the An-Tiki raft is on its way to Eleuthera in the Bahamas with a new crew, following a low key departure from the St. Maarten Yacht Club dock Friday morning. A send off party was held at the yacht club Thursday evening.

The raft was towed out through Simpson Bay Bridge at 9:00am by Steve Coetzer of Sea-Cure Marine Construction N.V. On board are Captain Anthony Smith (86), the only member of the original crew who completed the voyage from the Canaries to St. Maarten last year, Brazilian Bruno Sellmer, married couple Leigh and Nigel Gallahar, and camerawoman Ali Porteous.

Before departing the intrepid Smith said; “I’ve never known such hospitality. I don’t know why I’m leaving, but I will be back.”

Earlier in March he had joked that with two women on board, the standard of cooking and laundry would be raised a notch or two compared to the first voyage.

The 700-mile voyage is expected to take anywhere from two weeks to one month. The crew plans to make landfall at the very same beach in the Bahamas where two survivors from the coal-carrying British merchantman Anglo Saxon, which was torpedoed near the Canaries by the Germans on August 21, 1940, landed after surviving 70 days in a lifeboat and drifting 2,300 miles.

The account of the horrendous ordeal was the subject of the original book Two Survived by Guy Pearce Jones. Anthony Smith also wrote an account of the ordeal later in his book Survived and was instrumental in negotiating to get the lifeboat put on display in London’s Imperial War Museum.

With the new crew lined up, Smith returned to St. Maarten to prepare for the Bahamas voyage. An-Tiki was hauled out by the Krause Sea Lift at St. Maarten Shipyard on March 16 and underwent repairs that weekend. Haul out and repairs were donated by St. Maarten Shipyard as well as free dockage, water, electricity etc. at the shipyard up to Friday’s departure.

By all accounts the raft was found to be in very good condition after tied up to Amcon’s mooring in Simpson Bay Lagoon for a year. Among the repairs was replacement of two ratchets on the stern, storage boxes, and replacement of a few bolts. The wood in the Guara (dagger board) boxes was also replaced, as well as other miscellaneous repairs and a thorough pressure-wash cleaning. Sail and rigging were also in good order, as sails had been stored inside.

David Hildred, the captain on the original voyage, came over from Tortola to inspect the raft for sea worthiness and individuals from St. Maarten Sea Rescue also gave input. All were satisfied with strength and integrity of the raft.

The crew have all modern navigational and safety aids and communications on board… GPS, Sat phone, Internet etc. Andrew Rapley from Necol checked the electronic equipment and briefed the crew on its use. Crew members can also use a course plotting programme.

Budget Marine generously donated a 40hp outboard engine to the crew for added safety and security. It was also a gift for Anthony’s 86th birthday on March 30.

Special thanks were extended by Anthony Smith and crew to all those who donated their services to make the voyage possible. They are; Jeff Boyd and St. Maarten Shipyard, Steve Coetzer, Amcon, Rob Gilders and Dave Carter of St. Maarten Sails and Canvas, Andrew Rapley, carpenter Christian, “Aussie John” Golden, Desmond for fibre glassing, Kass Johnson, Alan Bishop, Colin and Jill Percy, and others who may have inadvertently been left out.”

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  1. David Hildred says:

    With regard to your comments from March…such a slur on the old crew Mr. Smith!….I think I speak for Andy and John when I say that as far as we are aware our laundry was always impeccable ( the clothes peg you wore on your nose was pure overkill) and our cooking undoubtedly the best for several thousand miles around ( well when we were half way over !) Best Dave

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