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Message from Petra
07.04.2012 Uncategorized 1 Comment

Message from Petra

Petra has sent some brilliant pictures of the emotional departure of AnTiki from her mooring in St Maarten.
She has also sent a message for the blog which helps us all understand how involved she has been ever since the raft arrived at St Maarten this time last year.
She has given invaluable help to Anthony and his raft AnTiki over this last year and has earned a big place in the hearts of all the AnTiki family.

“What a pleasure to see the happy smile on Anthony’s face – and the excited
anticipation of Bruno, Ali, Leigh and Nigel.
An-Tiki was towed through the 9am bridge today from the Sint Maarten Yacht
Club dock, and are now nicely on their way on this great new adventure! (it
was with massive restraint that I didn’t jump off the tow boat and joined
the crew!) I’m so proud of the generosity of St. Maarten’s Marine
Firstly, AMCON for allowing An-Tiki to stay on their mooring for the past
year (after rescuing the raft off a beach when her anchor dragged during a
St. Maarten Shipyard went above and beyond with Hauling out/ pressure wash /
repairs / Launch and dockage – All Complimentary.
Budget Marine with the donation of a 40hp outboard engine. (Anthony’s 86th
Birthday gift) St. Maarten Sea Rescue for inspecting the raft. (Not having
other raft constructions to compare with….they were happy with what they
saw!) Andrew Rapley of NECOL checked all their electronics, taught the crew
how to use the equipment and at the last minute, fixed the internet / email
connection through the Iridium Satellite Telephone.
“Ausie John” Golden for a program and instructions on passage making.
Rob Gilders and David Carter of St. Maarten Sails & Canvas for repairs and
replacements on the storage boxes and for sponsoring the “Send-Off” party
last night. Also for letting Anthony stay in the studio apartment while the
raft was being worked on.
Kass Johnson for your assistance when clearing out the raft.
Steve Coetzer of Seacure Marine for the complimentary tow
WOW…..there are so many other people who made Anthony’s stay in St.
Maarten fantastic. Alan Bishop…..Colin and Gill Percy….and the list goes
I miss them already. It’s like a super movie that you don’t want to end.
What a great bunch of people – with a Joie de Vivre that is electric.
Good luck guys…………a great big chunk of me is with you!!
See you in Eleuthera……………!!!!

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  1. Trish Baily says:

    Petra, Alan, all the others in Sint Martins who put so much into welcoming Antiki to St M and now have stood by a whole year and have been there again to see Anthony and his new crew take off. The stories of the raft and new friends that were made by all your efforts are fantastic and have helped the adventure be live and memorable not only for all of us who have been involved in the adventure but for all the followers and finally the recognition that has brought funding into Water Aid. – from Trish – wife David Hildred who was the sail master on the first trip. Thanks so much all of you in St. Martins.

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