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They’re OFF !
06.04.2012 Uncategorized 3 Comments

They’re OFF !

AnTiki has set sail and is slowly aiming at a northerly heading away from St Maarten.
The AIS system will work all the time they are in radio distance of land.
CLICK HERE. and find the Caribbean, and zoom in on St Maarten. Or type in St Maarten in the search box.

Since the AnTiki crew will have their hands full for a while I have persuaded Dave to pen a few words for the blog to alleviate the emotions he’s feeling. Ofcourse he wants to be on board!
From Dave….

I have just put the phone down from talks with Petra and she tells me she has cast off the lines from the tow boat and Antiki is once again on her way! She is heading along the south side of St Marteen at her usual stately pace and her Yellowbrick transmitter has fired up. If you want to follow her then click on this link
Robin has kindly asked me to do the first day’s blog as the crew will be rather busy to deal with doing their own. I am only too happy to write a few words.
I know exactly what they are going through as the butterflies are going nineteen to the dozen in their tums for sure, but there is so much to learn and do initially that hopefully they won’t have time to feel scared. They shouldn’t anyway as Antiki has proven to be strong and reliable and with the refit completed to everyone’s satisfaction we all feel that she will look after them as she did us.
Antiki is very forgiving of beginners ( I know I was one !) and once the inevitable tangle of ropes are sorted, the guaras deployed and the sail set correctly they will start the watch system and get settled into the routine of life at sea. It takes about 3 days to get used to the changes, but then ones sleep patterns adjust, ones queasiness disappears (if one is prone to Mal de Mare) and life is just good and simple.
Oh how I wish I was there again!

Petra said that Anthony had shed ten years in age today and was grinning like a Cheshire cat. What a privilege it was to sail with a man with such a zest for life.
I was so pleased to visit him and see the friends we have made on that most welcoming of islands. The help that we have been given both on arrival and now on departure has been staggering and I know the whole team will join me in thanking everyone so very much.

So Antiki, fair winds and following seas to you and your trusty crew and know that I will be with you in spirit, so if you feel a sixth person at times it may be me….. and if it starts to feel like there’s a couple more as well I suspect it may be Andy and John!

From Dave in the B.V.I.

3 Responses to “They’re OFF !”

  1. Peter Baker says:

    I see on the track North, Antiki should go past the BVI where you and Trish live, any chance that you can sail out and meet Antiki enroute and perhaps pop onboard for a “tot of rum”?
    Let me also wish Anthony and the new crew safe passage up to the island of Eleuthere in the Bahamas.
    Peter. Penang Malaysia

  2. David Hildred says:

    Good idea Peter, but they are as planned heading as far north as possible so shouldn’t come within 40 miles of Anegada ( the eastern most of the BVI’s) and 50 from us, I hope…….and I mean that last statement in the nicest way !
    All the planes I know are booked over the Easter period for charters so I can’t even fly out for an overhead view of Anthony’s thinning thatch !
    They seem to be doing well so far, so keep it up crew,
    Best wishes Dave

  3. Very exciting Nigel, have fun, we’ll be watching!

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