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Happy Birthday Anthony
30.03.2012 Uncategorized 3 Comments

Happy Birthday Anthony

Anthony celebrates his 86th birthday today and an early message has arrived from his original crew mate Andy Bainbridge and his wife Beryl. They’ve baked him a cake!
I shall ensure he sees all the messages sent via this website. They will spur him on !!

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Anthony”

  1. Dave Hildred says:

    Great to talk to Anthony today, I spent his 84th and 85th Birthday with him and am only sad I couldn’t be there for his 86th. The work on the raft sounds to be nearly complete and Antiki ready to go. I wish the crew a really safe trip and one that is as much fun as the first leg.
    Fair winds and calm seas. Best wishes again Anthony for your birthday from Dave and Trish

  2. Justin, Bea, Nat and Esme says:

    Anthony, Happy 86th Birthday from all the Rays.
    Good to see all your pictures and read your updates.
    Look forward to hearing all your stories on your return.
    The Oxford Rays

  3. David Hildred says:

    I was lucky enough to spend the day with Anthony on his 84th birthday, in London, and on the raft on his 85th. I am only sorry I couldn’t be with him for the 86th. It was good to chat to him instead though. The cake certainly looks better than last years effort – well done Beryl – I am STILL getting over the indigestion from Andy’s “light and airy baking” ( although as his cooking was always better than mine perhaps I should just keep quiet ?!)
    Love and best wishes to the Captain for his birthday, from Dave and Trish.

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