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AnTiki inspection
19.03.2012 Uncategorized 1 Comment

AnTiki inspection

Dave flew down from BVI and spent the weekend inspecting the AnTiki raft with the Search and Rescue authority from St Maarten. He went over ( and under) every inch of the raft and found her in remarkably good shape.
Apart from a couple of extra rachet straps to add strength to a joint aft, she passed with flying colours.
Well – a bit of attention to the Guara boxes, which is in hand. A master joiner called Kristian Seibt has agreed to do it and I suspect he came via Mervin. These names are just names, but I am beginning to realise that there is something in the air on that Island of St Maarten. Let’s call it generosity, camaraderie, friendship of the highest order.
Or they want to get rid of The Old Man of The Sea and his old drain pipe contraption as quick as possible.
( I hope Anthony’s not reading this!)

This picture of Anthony and Dave leaning against a container surveying the raft brought a tear to my eye. Took me straight back to Valle Gran Rey a year ago.

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  1. David Hildred says:

    It was a great and successful weekend and it was excellent to see that Anthony was in as good a condition as Antiki ! I only wish I was going on the next trip, I was VERY sad to have to leave to come back to work ( the curse of the leisured class to which I aspire!). Anthony and I sat in the cabin and ate tinned peaches from the stores in remembrance of many happy meals on the crossing. It brought back so many wonderful memories. Lets hope the next leg creates as many good ones for our fearless leader and his trusty crew. Dave

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