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Winter maintenance
31.10.2011 Uncategorized 1 Comment

Winter maintenance

A welcome message has arrived from Petra in St Maarten.
Hi Anthony!

This weekend Rob and myself gave Antiki a good greasing – with Corrosion X and LPS3. (Rob went back on Sunday and sprayed more….as we ran out of product on Saturday!)

I have taken some photo’s so you can see the state she is in…..which is pretty sound! Certainly the boxes on either side of the hut would have to be replaced…..as they are falling to bits – and even have mushrooms growing from them! All the metal straps / bolts / chain etc….have been sprayed. The buckles under the raft still need treatment…..not quite sure how to go about that….but a swimmer with a spray can…can probably do those buckles. Rob is confident that the nylon straps are in good order. All the varnish work is peeling off….but that is just cosmetic. It is heartening to see that everything is still on the raft…..the big oar….the 2 x toilets…….solar panels and Garmin & wind instrument.

She is very safe where she is now……..and with this little bit of love over the weekend – should keep for a little longer.

Anthony…..when do you think that you will be back? Still looking like January?

Lotsa love


Huge thanks to Rob & Petra for being such good friends to AnTiki and finding the time to do this work.
Coincidentally, Anthony, Robin and Tony were having a meeting all saturday about the logistics of sailing the raft from St Maarten up to Eleuthera in The Bahamas.
So if there is anyone reading this who would like to help with materials ( wood and 2nd hand sails), crew (priority given to film and sound experts), labour ( priority given to volunteers), and that old chestnut called sponsorship.
It will cost money and AnTiki has demonstrated her ability to attract world-wide media so we hope to find someone who will want their name/logo associated with this successful ocean-crossing raft.
AnTiki will welcome your thoughts. .

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  1. Peter Baker says:

    Well done on the maintenance you carried out, make sure if you are spraying the buckles underwater you are “up wind” or should that be “up current” LPS 3 on your mask or in your mouth not a good think [only joking]. Lets hope Sponsors come forward to allow An-Tiki to complete her voyage in 2012.

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