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Well, well, well.
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Well, well, well.

Dave Hildred has sent a surprise picture which tells us that, rather than send WaterAid a donation, some friends chose to buy a well for a community in one of the poorest countries.
To find out more, click HERE.

And a very pleasing story form BVI can be found HERE where the organisers of the Blenheim Trust 5K Carrot Bay Classic have changed the runners’ water supply from plastic bottles to paper cups and gallon jugs of de-salinated water as a tribute to the efforts of AnTiki to raise awareness of WaterAid’s work.

Dave writes….
“Blenheim Trust B.V.I., a trust company here, sponsor a series of
5 km runs that are organised by Kay Reddy (who heads the trust company and is a marathon runner herself). They used to supply imported bottled (plastic bottles) water for the runners, but as a direct result of reading about Antiki and becoming more aware of water and carbon emission issues have now dropped that and are supplying desalinated water that has been purified here and comes in reusable 5 gallon containers.
“This will help with landfill and energy and the water is just as good if not better“. she says.

She phoned me up to tell me. It all helps !”

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