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Telegraph pictures from St Marten
10.04.2011 Uncategorized 5 Comments

Telegraph pictures from St Marten

Charlie Varley flew out to St Maarten for The Telegraph and took these pictures……

Man, machine and nature

The crew of AnTiki prepare for arrival at St Maarten

John on the cabin roof during towing in St Maarten

AnTiki crew is cheered as they arrive in St Maarten

Dave and Andy attend to AnTiki's mooring in St Maarten

Four men on a raft for 66 days

Andy and Dave are reunited with their wives Beryl and Trish.

Anthony's knees prove popular

5 Responses to “Telegraph pictures from St Marten”

  1. Glad to see you reunited, I expect the reason I have not heard from you has something to do with celebrations. Take your time Andy, first things first, well done yet again.

  2. Peter Meecham says:

    Absolutely amazing – now we have four (old) Sea Dogs.
    What an achievement!, and how exciting it was for us following your progress.
    Look forward to hearing more from you Anthony, or perhaps a book?

  3. Bruce says:

    When you get a minute or two, it would be great to see a “What-we-should-do-different-next-time” post, from EACH of the crew. . .

    I’m betting that getting “astroturf on the deck,” to keep down the slosh from the waves will be high on the list — maybe just after “pay more attention to guaras.”

  4. Is the Globe really a ball? Or not? What keeps the seas on the planet and not draining out
    into space? Make this clear to children! I am an old fool. God knows, good to know. Keep
    dreaming. Japan is not lost. Was not after US-bombing Hiroshima.The planet is o.k. Give
    the peoples the chance to find out. Take a raft to an unknown goal! You did it. And found
    an island, and put St Maarten on the map.
    Thank you,
    Erwin Anthony Sautter-Hewitt, Switzerland

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