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New pictures from St Maarten
08.04.2011 Uncategorized 11 Comments

New pictures from St Maarten

These pictures have just arrived from St Maarten, taken by Trish Baily who flew there to meet her husband Dave Hildred.
All images strictly copyright.

AnTiki from above on approach to St Maarten

AnTiki approaching St Maarten after 66 days at sea.

AnTiki looks small in the big ocean.

AnTiki being towed into St Maarten Bay.

AnTiki tied up safe at last.

11 Responses to “New pictures from St Maarten”

  1. Amazing pictures – who was flying you there Trish?!
    Great that you all arrived and that Trish made it. George’s school had their raft day yesterday. Lots of rafts were built, lots of fancy dress. I don’t know how much they raised or how they intend to get it to Water Aid, but it should help swell the coffers.
    Looking forward to hearing more in due course.

  2. Great pictures, Antiki was certainly fit for purpose, but what do you do with here now. It would be a shame to dismantle her, and no! I am not volunteering for anything. Ted.

  3. Joanna K. Rock says:

    Maybe the raft can be displayed in The Maritime Museum, London along with the lifeboat that Anthony wrote about in his book!

  4. Well done guys, don’t let them put it in a museum just yet, that was just a warm up, next one has to be the Pacific, South America to Australia no? 😉

  5. Joe Wood says:

    Well done lads. A remarkable journey.
    Joe Wood Tortola

  6. Joe Wood says:

    Brilliant…Well done lads. A remarkable journey.
    Joe Wood Tortola

  7. Caroline Brown says:

    Well done, Anthony and everyone!
    Caroline, Bowers Heath, and also Peter and Carol Wilkinson, whose e-mail I am using.

  8. Guido und Margrit says:

    Habt ihr die ganze Toblerone-Schokolade gegessen? Auch wir Schweizer sind stolz auf euch und gratulieren euch ganz herzlich. Wir waren natürlich jeden Tag mit euch unterwegs und auch Carine verfolgte mit uns eure Reise, bis sie mit Tony nach Australien flog.
    Weiterhin alles Gute wünschen euch Zimmermanns

  9. Thanks Trish for taking these pictures. This is what we have all been imagining. Their wonderful exploit was a treat for us all. Now back to normal? B

  10. Kevin Curry says:

    Don’t put it in a museum. Form a non-profit association and take groups of kids like the Sea Scouts up and down the islands between Florida and Aruba on educational adventures. There is simply no telling what inspiration it will give a young man or woman at a critical time in their life, to push the envelope and think large.

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