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AnTiki ceremony
07.04.2011 Uncategorized 12 Comments

AnTiki ceremony

At 5.30pm yesterday AnTiki was ceremoniously towed beneath the drawbridge into St Maarten lagoon where she will rest and enjoy all the admiration she richly deserves.
The crew meanwhile have been busy giving interviews and getting to know their new friends who have pulled together at short notice to orgainise a proper welcome for the raft.

Anthony is seen here with Petra Gilders and Trish Baily (Dave’s wife).
John is seen in the background dressed for the Caribbean seeing if his mobile phone works.


AnTiki’s four intrepid adventurers looking remarkably good after 66 days at sea on a raft.
It just goes to show chocolate and fresh air must be good for you.
And their T shirts remind us of the importance of WATER!

12 Responses to “AnTiki ceremony”

  1. Barbara R says:

    Congratulations on an amazing venture. Mornings won’t be the same without your daily blogs. You have made the front page of the BBC website this morning, though I notice that the Associated Press photo couldn’t quite manage to get your names right!

  2. Joanna Wiggins (nee Vince) says:

    Message for Anthony Smith. Glad to hear that you have arrived safetly. Hope you are feeling ok and not sea sick? Would love to hear your about your adventure sometime? Dad and I have been following your progress on the internet. Take care and safe trip home. Congratulations to you and the rest of the crew.

    Robert Vince
    & Daughter Joanna

  3. You Boys look pretty good and a lovely chocolate brown too! Now you.ll be spoilt wherever you go, and rightly too; Keep plugging the water! B XXXX

  4. Jenn Stone says:

    Brilliant Anthony! Well done! Enjoy yourselves!


  5. Ellie Hough says:

    Well done to all, delighted to hear that you’ve arrived safely, looks like a nice spot too!

  6. ELIAS says:

    muchas felicidades desde VALLE GRAN REY

  7. laura mellin says:

    Hooray! You made it to land safely! What a wonderful trip.

    Bob and I have been watching all the way, and we’re delighted that you’re back on dry land, though extremely sorry we couldn’t be there to welcome you.

    Lots of love, Laura xxooxxooxx

  8. Sandy Week says:

    My whole class celebrated your arrival yesterday! YAY! Welcome home!
    Much love,

  9. Hooray!! So excited about your trip-ch such fun following you on your adventure.

    Much love to you and Trish. Rose Ann

  10. Ian says:

    Anthony, Congratulations, sir. What type of watch did you wear on your voyage?

  11. Patricia Crowley says:

    Well done everyone in the An-tiki team ( on the sea and on land). It’s been a fascinating journey and has supported the very valuable work of Water Aid. Lewis, Nick and Tricia are looking forward to seeing John back on Willows Edge soon where we will have arranged for the garden shed to be put in a paddling pool complete with goldfish so you feel right at home.

  12. barbara belt says:

    well done chaps
    barbara xxxx

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