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AnTiki has A R R I V E D !!
06.04.2011 Uncategorized 84 Comments

AnTiki has A R R I V E D !!

Once the crew has emerged from last night’s antics rest assured I will bring you news and maybe a picture or two!
As the sun was setting on their last day at sea, a press plane flew out to meet the raft and captured the first images of AnTiki at sea since she left Valle Gran Rey 65 days ago on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.
The Island of St Martin were magnificent and really rose to the occasion. The towing vessel made the rendezvous with Antiki before darkness fell and slowly brought her into the bay.
Then the party started……

Click image for larger version.

84 Responses to “AnTiki has A R R I V E D !!”

  1. Riaan Laubscher says:

    Awesome!! Well done boys!!

  2. Ann Bavin says:

    Hearty Congratulations, what an achievement.
    We saw you in La Gomera just before you were due to set off on your adventure and since returning home have followed you every step of the way.
    Will really miss the daily updates.
    Well Done!!

  3. Phil Horton says:

    Congratulations on a job well done,enjoy the parties they are much earned. Regards PH

  4. luigi says:

    Congratulations from la gomera.

  5. Sue, Rosie & Sophie says:

    Fantastic news that you have landed safe and sound. Have a marvellous time in St Maarten.
    We can’t wait to hear all the tales in person!

  6. Well done all – you have earned OLYMPIAN laurels BXXXX

  7. TESCAPE says:

    Well done guys – I am sure Thor would be thrilled. Great effort and great achievement

  8. Debbie Gabriel says:

    Safe and Sound! What an amazing voyage! Well done! best wishes from all the Gabriels XXX

  9. Barrie says:

    Congratulations! A fantastic achievement, well done to everyone involved not just the 4 people on centre stage.


  10. Sue, Rosie & Sophie says:

    Fantastic news that you we have arrived safely! Have a wonderful time in St Maarten before returning to reality. We can’t wait to hear the stories from you in person.

  11. Jackie says:

    Absolutely wonderful news – well done all of you. Just one thing, how am I going to cope without the blog every day?

  12. Jenni & Richard says:

    Absolutely fantastic, Congratulations. We are very proud of you.

  13. Richard and Isobel Bartholomew says:

    What a terrific achievement! We raise a large glass of rum to you all! Happy landings and reunions indeed. Love R & I

  14. Richard and Isobel Bartholomew says:

    What a terrific achievement! We raise a large glass of rum to you all! Happy landings and reunions indeed. We will miss the daily blogs Love R & I

  15. Tracey says:

    Congrats to you Team An-Tiki. What a phenomenal achievement for you all. Party hard!

  16. Heather & Allan says:

    Fantastic news … a huge well done from us both. We awoke in Holland this morning, desperate for news but had to wait for the Havenkantoor to wake up the internet. Champagne chilling but will have to wait to toast your success until we have the barge safely moored in Antwerp. Enjoy the adulation in Sint Maarten

  17. PEDRO GORDAN says:

    Well done!!
    As I have done all these 65 days , I carefully watched what you were doing ! I could not get to sleep before I saw you stop at Simpson Bay ands it was 01:00 pm in Brazil !
    My warmest congratulations , and many thanks for permitting me to follow and “live”such an adventure . Have nice wine , beer , chocolate and fruits !

  18. Axel says:

    Hola amigos,

    well done! Great trip over the atlantik! congratulations!!! 🙂



  19. Dave Laurillard says:

    Congratulations to you all and your back-up teams. What an adventure. I have been following your progress with much enjoyment and will miss your blogs. I shall remember the date and place of your arrival at St Maarten as it is my 75th birthday today and my son’s middle name is Martin!
    Hope you get your land-legs back soon.

  20. Kevin Hough says:

    Well done to you all – what an achievement. We followed your adventure across the Atlantic with great admiration, anticipation and a little apprehension.
    Kevin & Eleanor

  21. hardy huck says:

    hey guys, congratulations!
    all the very best from germany!

  22. Brbara Frost says:

    Well done indeed! We’re absolutely thrilled to hear that An-tiki and crew have arrived safely in the Carribean, after completing an adventure of epic proportions. Many, many thanks to Anthony and crew for highlighting WaterAid’s work along the way and raising much-needed funds too. Congratulations!

  23. Hugh Illingworth says:

    Many Congratulations from Hugh, Debby, Sophie & Alex Illingworth. Bet the beers taste good!

  24. We’re absolutely thrilled to hear that An-tiki and crew have arrived safely in the Carribean, after completing an adventure of epic proportions. Many, many thanks to Anthony and crew for highlighting WaterAid’s work along the way and raising much-needed funds too. Congratulations!

  25. Jules says:

    Quite an amazing journey. I now imagine the wonderful site of Anthony sitting in a well deserved arm chair with numerous children around him listening to the story..

    “There was once a brave old man, who wanted to venture across the seas on a raft and….”

  26. Claudia Batesole says:

    HEY!!! Fantastic! We need your latitude for the crews at Red Rock and Tamarind!! Many hugs waiting for you!

  27. Ali D-C says:

    Congratulations to all the adventurers.
    Planning, preparation, execution and “Plan B” all worked out in advance and handled so well.
    Not least – keeping the world up to date, amused and engaged whilst en-route.

  28. Thanks for the spellbinding journey, but what we – your followers – are supposed to do now?

  29. Sergio Dantas says:

    Well done! Congrats!

  30. Dan Calvert says:

    Congratulations! Well done to all concerned, an amazing achievement. I shall miss the blogs.

  31. cris says:

    congrats guys absolutely awsome.

  32. Dawn says:

    Congratulations to a safe and fun adventure. We will miss the daily blogs and Yellow Brick updates, but look forward to hearing your stories. Enjoy the celebrations. Love Dawn, Dave and Elliott

  33. Arthur Merk says:

    thanks for reporting so many days.
    I’ll miss that.

  34. Iain says:

    Many congratulations gentlemen, a fantastic acheivement. Its been a pleasure to follow the voyage. Thank you for bringing us all along for the ride.

  35. Congratulations to one and all. Well done

  36. Renoto says:

    simply inspiring!

  37. The Whitecourt Clinic Staff says:

    Wonderful news!!! Congratualtions and best wishes on your home voyage!

  38. Mike Bennett says:

    Well done chaps-what a great achievement.Have enjoyed all the blogs and emails throughout your epic voyage.
    Your friends in Gloucestershire(and Chancel) look forward to seeing you John to hear all about the adventure.

  39. Don Cameron says:

    What a wonderful achievement – I am overjoyed and somewhat relieved! I look forward to reading the whole story. Almost as good as ballooning!

  40. Roar Christensen (Tiger) says:

    Congratulatins from the Norwegian guy that “pestered” you with questions in Vueltas the week before you left, and who wrote an article about you in the biggest Norwegian paper, “VG”. I have been folloving you every day, admire what you have done, and am proud of having met you.

  41. RW in Michigan says:

    The internet has brought a wonderful gift with the reports of your voyage. Congratulations to the whole team that made it possible! The one possible drawback to this is that you made it look so easy every 10 year old Huck Finn and every frustrated old geezer sailor like myself will be clogging the shipping lanes of the Atlantic with rafts. Enjoy your celebrations and I look forward to your further reports and pictures.

    PS: My wife just hollered at me wondering what the truck load of pipe is doing here!

  42. John Albury says:

    Jolly well done to you all. Relaxation could be sitting on the beach watching the aircraft landing at that amazing airport there!

  43. Di Bainbridge says:

    Party, party, party!
    Di B.

  44. Jean and Dave Fisher says:

    GREAT! What an achievement. We saw you in La Gomera just before you left but thought you were going to Eleuthera, Bahamas where we used to teach! I guess your course altered along the way.
    Enjoy some celebratory rum punches!
    We have enjoyed following your journey. Rather you than us though!!!
    I’ll continue to “sing for Water Aid” instead!

  45. Deirbhile Ni Bhrolchain says:

    Well done. What an achievement !

  46. Roy Battersby says:

    Congratulations, admiration and delight to you all four and as they say here in L A (about everything) awesome. But this is truly awesome Tony.
    Roy and Jude

  47. Ian and Christine says:

    FANTASTIC! AWESOME! Hope you find your land legs quickly!

  48. David Partridge says:

    Great Landfall, well done, and thanks to the website and all the behind the scenes crew for keeping us updated.

  49. Richard Graty says:

    Awesome!! If we ever doubted you – please accept our apologies. We are truly humbled. Rik

    In Portuguese :
    ” Coloquei o endereço da aventura na pagina principal !
    Acompanhei toda a aventura de voces aqui
    do meu trabalho e torci muito por vocês ! Voces
    realizaram um Sonho, e isso é o mais importante
    na Vida de qualquer Ser Humano !!! Estou muito orgulhoso
    por Voces !!! Parabéns de Verdade !!! ”

  51. Dianna L.Reuther says:

    Happy to hear you have arrived safely. Congrats to all that were involved from the preparations to the voyage itself.Great adventure!!!! I have enjoyed checking in on you from time to time.Well done!!!

  52. Helen says:

    Well done to you all! No doubt you will all be in demand to come and talk with some of the youngsters at the schools who have been following your journey (get ready Andy!) Can’t wait to hear your stories in person and see all those “bird” pictures!
    Love Helen, Blake and Morgan

  53. Joan Baily says:

    David, Anthony, John & Andy. Warmest congratulations to you all on your marvellous achievement. Sorry you didn’t have time to reach your desired destination, but hopefully that will be achieved in the not too far distant future. Thank your for allowing us to share your experiences with your informative and amusing blogs – it has been most enjoyable. Enjoy your celebrations! Jim & Joan Baily

  54. William F. Russell, Jr. says:

    Inspiring to us all. Great accomplishment.


  55. Marilyn says:

    Deep felt congratulations on completing this voyage! Thanks for allowing us to come along with you. What an inspiration you all are. Welcome home!!

  56. Linda Robertson says:

    Congratulations on crossing the AtlANTIKI!!!
    That showed the people who said you wouldn’t do it.

  57. michael erndt says:

    Everybody says well done boys, i say well done AN TIKI

  58. Peter Baker says:

    Congratulations to the crew of the An-Tiki on your safe arrival in St Martin and of cause to all the team, especially Robin Batchelor your daily contact link in the UK that have supported you through out your venture. Now that PART A is completed I was wondering “when” you do PART B the onward leg up to the Bahamas would you consider installing a fixed underwater video camera under the front of the raft? I expect you could capture some great footage for any future film of your voyage and great photos to display on your webpage. Now onto PART C sailing the raft back across the Atlantic following the Gulf stream!!!! Guess that would be a non starter. Has anyone ever sailed West to East across the Atlantic on a raft?
    Enjoy your R&R in St Martin.

  59. Peter Oakes says:

    Enjoyed the journey! Many congratulations. Looking forward to the movie?
    Best wishes to you all, Peter Oakes.

  60. Asgeir says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been following you every day on the exciting journey. Hope everything is well with you all.

  61. Hilary and Andy says:

    Congratulations to all of you.
    We have read your updates eagerly and are amazed at your wonderful adventure.
    Glad you are safely back on land even if it is still moving.
    Very best Wishes from the Johnsons

  62. Tom Wade says:

    Congratulations Dave & Crew, a fantastic achievement and a once in a life time experience. Unless you are turning the raft round and coming back! Have a good time celebrating

  63. Linda and Rolf says:

    Wonderful! you have made it! We have watched your progress during your whole trip, since you had left la Gomera, where we had the chance to meet you guys at the cultural centre. Great to hear that you arrived savely and still cheerful! Have a wonderful party, Linda y Rolf

  64. Annie says:

    A big congratulations from Nigel and Annie in the BVI. An outstanding accomplishment and for an outstanding cause.

  65. Avril & Derek says:

    Well done to you all. Dave, cant wait to get a mail with all your news. What an awesome adventure.

  66. Avril & Derek says:

    Well done guys. What an awesome experience.

  67. Richard Hewson says:

    Congratulations Antiki

    Fantastic work of bravery and seamanship. Excellent to have you back on terra firma safely.


  68. Cynthia and Michael George. says:

    Many congratulations. What an amazing achievement. We have been following you all the way across via the web.

    Cynthia and Michael George.

  69. Sandie & Roger says:

    Congratulations to you all. Have kept an eye on your progress and we’re really glad you’ve arrived safe and sound. No doubt you’re still partying!! Love S & R

  70. fred stone says:

    well done all! congratulations from myself, roz, marie & jasper!

  71. Juliette says:

    Congratulations from Valle Gran Rey!!! OCEANO’s have followed you journey and are so happy that you’ve accomplished your great odyssee!!! Hats off to all of you! Juliette and the rest of the team

  72. Tony Birks says:

    Well done Anthony. Looking forward to hearing all the stories. Tony

  73. Tony Birks says:

    Well done Anthony. Looking forward to hearing all the stories. Tony

  74. Amanda hewson says:

    Congratulations all of you…. I hope you get a great cocktail at sunset beach bar…. Fantastic effort…. Whoop hoop from Australia! lots of love to uncle Dave from Amanda, Gina rich and wonder dog xoxo

  75. Ans & Sylvain says:

    Congrats to the crew. We will create the ANTIKI-ice cream for u and become famous and rich ;-))) When do you schedule the way back? Warm greetings from Valle Gran Rey.

  76. john willis says:

    Congratulations from Anthony’s French fan club.
    Hope we will see him in France in the not too distant future.
    André is in the country but aware of the arrival and is celebrating with the local wine


  77. Ans & Sylvain says:

    Congrats to the crew. We will create the ANTIKI iuce cream and become famous and rich :))))
    When do you schedule the way back? Warm greetings from Ans and Sylvain in Valle Gran Rey.

  78. Arshad says:

    How did you manage food,& dirction controlling during your way in Atlantic?
    Any special thng or event happend?Plaese share.

  79. heiner aldinger says:

    Good to see at you did it!
    J hope you got some good meal after our inspiring evening at La Gomera.
    Vi never know, maybe we can invite you to a visit in Denmark, telling about the journey!

    Heiner, being Alfred s cook on La Gomera

  80. Jeremy Parker says:

    Well done David and Gentlemen and welcome to ‘civilization’ from us lot down here in Tassie.
    Jeremy Meg and Felix

  81. Maria, Anthony's friend and physio says:

    Well done all of you!!! It brings tears in my eyes to know you have achieved such a goal!!! Can’t waut to talk to you…

  82. Phil the Tree says:

    He guys well done, glad to see you on dry land. Thank you Birdman for an excellant job for keeping us all updated.

  83. Clare Oakes says:

    All of us would like to congratulate you all on this amazing journey!! Well done.

  84. Ben says:

    Congratulations on a great adventure with a happy ending! How is the raft doing today? Would it take a new ocean trip in opposite direction? I woul be interested in making such a trip! Contact me! 😉

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