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…most excellent adventure.
03.04.2011 Uncategorized 7 Comments

…most excellent adventure.

Well we have less than 200 miles to go to St Martin and if the winds continue to favour us we should cross the 60th degree of Longitude later today. I will have to record the exact time of that as I know there are quite a few bets going on as to when that will happen!
We are still going at a fair pace at present, but the wind is forecast to go light for a while before picking up again early next week. I am still being cagey as to our arrival day, but Alan Bishop ( “our man in St Martin”…. unless my navigation is so far out he actually really is in Havana) and Petra Gilders from the St Martin Yacht Club are really planning a great welcome it appears and we have already placed our orders for the first meal ashore. (Thank you Yacht Club!) Guesses as to what we want are expected from you!
On the subject of thanks, there are of course countless to give our gratitude to. No doubt they will all be mentioned in the book that Anthony is writing as we go ! However we must single out and thank Rik Graty of G. P. Systems especially as he is the man behind the donation of the pipes that make up our stout vessel. Without him and all at G.P.S. who gave so generously of their time we would not be here.
As I write this I am sitting securely in our hut (pig-pen) and therefore another big thank you to the guys at the Hadley Group who donated the stainless steel that keeps us so safe.
Its a good job the pipes and hut are strong or that mean horrible killer whale might well have bitten us yesterday, he certainly bit a few of you…yes yesterday was April Fool’s day and there are a number of you out there who qualify, we love you anyway !!
The picture by the way comes from our reference book of marine life here on the boat which Andy snapped with his camera !
So unless there are threats of revenge from those we hooked we will continue to head to land and enjoy the last few days of this most excellent adventure.
David and the Crew

No Dorado was harmed in the taking of these still pictures (original video by Dave), or in any fictitious killer whale attack.

7 Responses to “…most excellent adventure.”

  1. Peter Baker says:

    Ref: April 1st Blog. Well done, you got me hook line and sinker.

  2. Phil Horton says:

    Greetings from Yorkshire,
    So my Guess of Sunday was not that far out maybe Tuesday would have been nearer, left a comment on facebook but to repeat hope the final part of this section of the adventure (Part 2 To Follow??)goes well, Yes the Dorado jape certainly caught us out, but there again when you have Ideas from politicians that seem really far fetched and are real, what hope have we when faced with something that is entirley possible especially to a landlubber!! Good Effort. Enjoy the last few days of tranquility, as the big wide world is still here and just as ugly. Regards to all ,PH.

  3. carolyn says:

    …this is just great to see that you are just about in sight of land
    and to think some may have thought you would end up as fish food!!!!!
    we done guys and at 85 well…what next!!!!!

  4. Yes, you had me as you knew you would, as I love the Dorado so! So your last days of peace until the speed boats etc heave over the horizon – then chaos! Those last brilliant nights of clear stars with no light pollution and the blue sea is all yours for the time being. i shall soon have to say goodbye and thanks for being so BRAVE – I felt it was still possible that HOKUSAI wave might come and turn you over = you were all courageous. Thanks for the exciting thrill for days and days I.ve had following you.Goodbyee B XXXX

  5. Ellen says:

    Most excellent guys!! You sure suckered me in on this one. It never even occurred to me that our great adventurers were spoofing us. We have all been following along so intently, watching your every move. You assuredly haven’t lost your senses of humor. Now don’t be fooling us about your arrival in St. Martin!! SAFE journeys.

  6. Rik Graty says:

    Hi Guys! Yes I think 1 or 2 got succked here at GPS PE Pipes too! Thanks for the mention in your blog. Appreciate that but you are most welcome – glad we could assist. Anthony you are right I cant get out to see you (I shall be in Amsterdam) which is a shame but a copy of some of the welcome photos would be apprciated if that can be organised. Take care and continue to enjoy your adventure. Rik.

  7. Maria, Anthony's friend and physio says:

    Dear all, so thrilled to read this long term goal is about to be completed!! My dear Anthony, think of you a lot and I am so proud of you. Good luck and look forward to talk to you at some point.
    Lots of love from Australia

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