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National Geographic
01.04.2011 Uncategorized 7 Comments

National Geographic

Today the National Geographic published our story in their daily news. LINK

Somehow this publication gives an extra level of respect to the whole expedition.
They will also transmit their interview with Anthony on their audio site.
Click HERE to listen.

EDITED. After posting the above story late last night I made the mistake of trusting National Geographic’s journalist to do his job and get his facts straight.
I now realise there is a glaring omission by leaving out the name of David Hildred.
Quite how anyone can write about AnTiki with out recognising Dave’s contribution beggars belief. The success of the raft and its safe journey is largely due to this man and his tireless efforts over the last 12 months.
Thanks and recognition are also richly deserved by his wife Trish who has been a real champion not only for the AnTiki cause, but also for their charity WaterAid.

7 Responses to “National Geographic”

  1. Peter Baker says:

    Ref. The National Geographic story. Someone should inform the writer of that article that he forgot to mention David Hildred the forth member of the crew. After all he is the “Sailing Master” on the An-Tiki, the one pointing the raft in the right direction [winds and currents permitting]

  2. Trish Baily says:

    Thank you Peter. David Hildred is the person responsible for much of the organization of getting the raft made into a raft and floating. He has been working on the raft design and logistics for almost a year now when he was invited by Anthony Smith to be part of the crew. I may be biased as I am his wife but I know that without Davids input it is unlikely the raft would be floating. So I find the article a HUGE insult to Davids expertise and also as a failure of recognition of David as being one of the key people in the raft expedition.

  3. Once again my patholgical distrust of journos’ is proven to be just. It can’t be difficult to do a bit of checking to get their facts right and make the story complete. I’m a truck driver and if I left a quarter of my load off I would be in for a right bo”oking. ( I know because I’ve done it ) Regards. Ted..

  4. Martin L says:

    I don’t think you guys should mistake the Andrew Howley and the like for journalists, they’re just hired to copy-paste stuff they find on the internet.

    But I must admit that proper journalists are a dying breed.

  5. Sticher says:

    Wish you Happy Landing!

  6. Ben Shaw says:

    I have to apologize for leaving David Hildred’s name out of the initial article that was published on the National Geographic News Blog. I produce the National Geographic Weekend radio program and I wrote the post after we had a wonderful interview with Anthony Smith. It was a glaring omission and one that I corrected as sone as I realized it had been made. My apologies to David and the entire An-Tiki crew both aboard and ashore.
    Benjamin Shaw

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