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Birthday boy.
30.03.2011 Uncategorized 15 Comments

Birthday boy.

I have never had such a terrific 85th birthday. Starting with the
suggestion that I should have breakfast in bunk I gracefully declined,
fearing that corn flakes plus reconstituted milk might not taste so good
after being spooned from my sleeping bag. After c. f. plus r.m. I was
treated to a choc bar and let off washing-up duty. Then came the presents,
both of them, each tastefully wrapped in bacofoil. One contained a mammoth,
life-threatening slab of Cadbury’s finest and the other a set of ;playing
cards with a hilarious joke on each of them., with the 2 of spades and the
eight of clubs being almost funny. The piece of resistance – due for
tonight’s gala dinner – is a pudding, the like of which no one here has ever
seen before, its recipe handed down from generation to generation by the
Bainbridge family, just occasionally skipping a generation when wisdom
prevailed in his native Yorkshire. The number 85, perfectly spelt, was made
by Andy, M.B., Ch.B, out of chopped and very dried apricots. The actual
pudd. (as often named in Bainbridge country to this day) consists of flour,
dates, chopped apricots, crushed biscuit, cranberry (nicely sliced –
normally by virgins, but nothing even approaching that is on board) and dark
chocolate, giving – in its entirety – an astonishing appearance,
particularly in the shade. Whether this piece encounters the resistance for
which it is so famed has yet to be seen and felt. If the pudd lives up to
its reputation please look after our people. PS. It contains no sugar, is
not fat-free, may have peanuts and contains all the vitamins a normal man
needs in sailing from the Old World to the New (as C. Columbus knew so
well). So far my 86th year is proving very good, but the pudd still awaits
and is actually moving. There’s nowt so queer as pudds, as they say up
Bainbridge Dale. Or did until 1824 when olde Bainbridge used his last tooth
to nibble some on HIS 85th BIRTHDAY.

Anthony's (west of) mid-Atlantic birthday cake.

15 Responses to “Birthday boy.”

  1. Sabine Hannoschoeck says:

    Dear Mr. Smith,
    I wish you a happy birthday and a lot of other days like this perhaps doing other fantastic projects like Antiki.
    Thank you for your lovely stories everyday. I do enjoy them so much.
    Have a nice birthdayparty and happy landing!
    Sabine Hannoschöck

  2. Beryl says:

    Beautiful—-a day to remember, you look so good Anthony. Happy Year Ahead! Beryl X

  3. Roy Battersby says:

    Nice glass of Tuscan Red raised tonight in LA to you Tony. Knew you couldn’t be there so I drank yours. Again, and again, and again, Happy Birthday.

  4. Klaus Wagner says:

    Happy birthday to skipper Tony. Keep going and look forward to a nice pint of beer upon your arrival. That might be better than the mixture you were presented today.
    I follow your route from the beginning and love to read your daily postings.
    Good luck to you and all of your crew.
    Klaus from Hamburg

  5. Happy Birthday Anthony, I hope you enjoyed your cake.
    Love Jenni and Richard

  6. PEDRO GORDAN says:

    Hi guys,
    It is impressive how close you can get to complet strangers if you admire their endeavour an their personalities . I really will miss my every 12 hour check on your journey and health as you arrive at the destiny. I have a lot os family and friends asking me : how are your old guys doing in their adventure ? amazing
    Best regards and safe landing .

  7. PEDRO GORDAN says:

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY of course !!!

  8. Nigel Gallaher says:

    Happy 85th Birthday! Not many people that I know can claim to have accomplished so much in their lifetimes. You and your traveling companions appear to be closing in on your final destination after a remarkable trip across the Atlantic.
    Godspeed and may the wind continue to blow from your backs (assuming you are looking west!).
    Your Godson,

  9. A Happy Birthday Anthony ! What a great picture of you and that cake. I.m sure you were able to drink your own health. I am doing so with some very old Elderberry Wine. As the previous commenter mentioned, we shall be so sad when you finally hit land and we no more have to clock on to hear from you all. You.ve got enough party-goers to give you bumps! {shades of the past} Make the most of any sun and tan those legs a bit more! Nice legs by the way! BXXXX

  10. Ellen Cunningham says:

    What an awesome way to celebrate your 85th birthday, Anthony! We will toast to your health and successful completion of your journey at cocktail hour tonight. No, wait. . .it IS five o’clock somewhere, isn’t it! CHEERS!

  11. Rik Graty says:

    Hi Anthony, Gala Dinner eh? Well I never! Hope you had a great time with your pudding too. Hope to see you soon “young timer”! Rik.

  12. David Partridge says:

    Happy Birthday Anthony, the beard, sir, suits you. Something about venerable aeronauts and mariners that allows them! Good health.

  13. Richard Graty says:

    Hi Anthony, happy birthday. Hope to see you soon young timer!! Rik.

  14. Axel says:


    happy birthday! You´re on the right way!

    Saludos y abrazo


  15. Jo Slade says:

    Happy Birthday Anthony,
    Loving the sailor look 🙂
    Can’t believe you’ve been on that raft all this time.
    Look forward to hearing all about it when you’re home x

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