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The Island of St Martin
28.03.2011 Uncategorized 14 Comments

The Island of St Martin

At some 500 miles from the nearest land the crew of Antiki has decided which bit of land they should reach first, namely the little island of St. Martin in the Leeward Islands.
As we wish to prove the navigability of our raft we want to have a definite destination so there will be a ‘will they, won’t they?’ element to the voyage across the Atlantic. We like the look of St. Martin. Although only about 7 miles from top to bottom and from east to west, it is owned by 2 nations, namely France and Holland, with an actual frontier between the two (although no one – apparently – cares too much about that). It has a huge lagoon to the south-west and we very much like the look of that as well. We do need to find a suitable anchorage for rafts. Boats can only get into this lagoon when a certain road bridge is open.

We don’t know when we will reach it, and we have bets on board. So here are a few clues – it is over 500 miles away, we are travelling at about 3 knots, the weather looks good, but we did travel backwards a couple of days ago. So over to you – and the weather. No prizes for the winner, except the opportunity to publicise your name and to send us some chocolate.
Anthony, Antiki.

14 Responses to “The Island of St Martin”

  1. PEDRO GORDAN says:

    Hi Guys
    You should arrive at Saint Martin between monday afternoon and thursday morning !
    Have a nice and peaceful journey !

  2. Bruce says:

    Great choice — check the coast pilot, as I think i remember there can be a bit of a current (maybe up to a knot in some conditions?) along the south coast, going by the entrance to Great Harbour and Simpsons Lagoon.. . .

  3. Barrie says:

    Hi Guys,
    I predict that you should be there for lunch Sunday. Once you get there, I’m hoping that in a moment of madness you’ll all decide to set of back the other way as it’s been fasinating following your adventure. I’ll miss logging on every morning and evening to follow your progress, and occasional regress!


  4. Jacquie says:

    What about Eleuthera?

  5. Barbara says:

    I have been totally engrossed by your adventure, and full of awe, since I read about it on the ActonW3 website, but didn’t feel I could post until I’d made a donation – which I have at last! I love the stories about the flying fish, and the drawing of the sea anchor, and all the photos. With so much bad news in the world, to visit your website every day is a joy. How do we get chocolate to you in St Martin?

  6. Dawn says:

    Hello Dave and fellow sailors. Well nearly home! It has been very exciting following your journey, daily, for the last few weeks. We look forward to seeing you soon. Dawn, Dave and Elliott

  7. Trish Baily says:

    Barbara – if you need to send chocolates anywhere you can send them to Me in the British virgins – I’me Daves wife and I am really good at taking care of chocolates – as all women are!!!
    Just kidding – St Martins is duty free and there will be chocolate and cheap wine , croisssants all readily available there.

  8. christine edgeworth says:

    The end is in sight – what a pity I was so enjoying the blogs. How well you have done and what some stories to tell the grandchildren. Let us not forget the point of the exercise – there is water water everywhere where you are (albeit it salty) but some poor souls have very little, I am encouraging everyone I know to donate to this worthy cause and have asked them to try to do without water for a day to get a feel of what it must be like. A tough call! We take water for granted in our modern world.

    Take care – not long now.


  9. Phil Horton says:

    So with the end of this epic journey in sight, what will we all do when we won’t have our daily fix of An Tiki & her crew? I reckon you may be there in time for Sunday Evening. Will this be the end, or is there a plan to travel further? With Dave being a Yorkshireman maybe Tortola would be a suitable landing It’ll save on the Airfare home. I shall watch you all to completion, Regards PH

  10. Ellen says:

    Trish, now you’re making me yearn for some Tim Tams which we discovered in New Zealand, thanks to your recommendation!

    David and crew, it has been an honor and a pleasure to watch and share in this great adventure. Bill and I have checked in on you every day – it has been exciting for us to watch you and read your blogs. Continue on to your journey’s completion in safety. We will continue to watch your progress!


    Ellen and Bill

  11. Arno Paupitz says:

    I follow the beautiful adventure for you from the Beginning. I live in southern Brazil Have 73 years and I navigate a lot. By coincidence last night I thought why not take a break on the beautiful island of Sam Martin for a rest into the Simpson Bay
    and today I read on your page That You are with the idea of docking there.
    Good luck and good winds.
    Arno Paupitz
    paupitz.arno @ gmail.com

  12. […] (28th March) the captain of An-Tiki announced that a destination had been chosen… which seems an odd turn of phrase given that the rafters’ avowed destination has […]

  13. Roy Battersby says:

    Brilliant journey and so exciting to follow your progress, regress, progress and delightful good spirits. Good landfall.
    Hope not giving away a state secret but with this comes Best Birthday Greetings for Anthony’s Eighty Fifth on Wednesday.
    From your Chiswick Fans (currently in L.A.)
    Roy and Jude
    Eighty five kisses (or hugs if you prefer) to follow.

  14. Tom Wade says:

    Dave and Crew,

    Its been brilliant following your epic adventure. I’m not sure when you’ll make landfall but have you warned the bars to stock up!

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