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Yellow Brick WALL
09.03.2011 Uncategorized 4 Comments

Yellow Brick WALL

For the last 24 hours the good raft AnTiki has been heading EAST!
As the adjacent low pressure system takes her toll our guys have lowered the sail, deployed the sea-anchor and have fixed their steely gaze upon the sky. Clouds will tell them what to expect, and of course the surface of the ocean.
With unsettled weather comes unsettled sea so I had better resist asking them to inflate the rubber dinghy and take a photograph of AnTiki from a long way away, preferably with the setting sun behind and Andy at the top of the mast playing his guitar?
It is tiring having to hold on all the time and even sitting down to type an email is a trial with the constant movement of the raft. Anthony once described the advantage of older age as being more experienced – and thus safer.
So these men keep a tidy raft and have settled into a routine which minimises risk. Remember these 4 men were largely getting to know one-another during the weeks spent in La Gomera building AnTiki and there was an atmosphere of mutual respect with everybody contributing ideas all the time.
I won’t pretend it was all sweetness and light and there was pressure and responsibility of a new kind that took initiative and courage to accept.
We read of meals and card games, conviviality and tolerance, close encounters with Whales and freighters. But the weather is a constant spanner in the works of navigation and Dave is doing a grand job of interpreting the weather maps.
Read his latest email below……

Well here we are again, a similar situation to the end of February……We tried to go south for the last few days and the best we could do was west and then, as the wind went round to the south, to the northwest. By this morning the wind has changed even further against us, round to the south west, and although we could sail north we really don’t want to go in that direction as that will just take us deeper into the low pressure area’s unsettled weather and wind. So we have pulled the sail down and are lying to the sea anchor and drifting. We have just downloaded another forecast and it shows this for several days, sad to say. It also shows the contrary winds much further south of us than predicted a few days ago so we are fairly sure we couldn’t have gone round the bottom of it anyway, that is some conciliation.
Anthony complained today that there was an odd smell on the raft so we have all washed and done laundry and as the smell remained we have searched around and found two rather dead flying fish lurking behind one of the deck lockers so they have been consigned to the deep and the accusatory looks have all disappeared!
We saw another ship last night in the far distance so that’s three in one day, busy busy !
We are now preparing to wait out the wind and as patience is after all a virtue, I guess we will all be very virtuous by the time the trip is over! Halos will be issued shortly!
David and the Crew

4 Responses to “Yellow Brick WALL”

  1. Dear Adonises, I am, and a few million others are thinking of you having a rougher time now. Keep you powder dry and tie down that tin-opener! I do love that picture of Long John Silver being kissed by Corinne and that extatic expression – it should be carved in marble! Great. Well;, you still look awfully near halfway;; so make the most of the drama! I think of you and wish you all the BEST LUCK Love BX

  2. John Benson says:

    If you had consistently stayed further south you would have had less time to deal with the contrary winds and would have had stronger and more consistent winds that may well by now have had you further west and not in this area of disturbed air. Glad the raft if holding up well. John.

  3. Jules says:

    Challenging times ahead chaps – we wait with baited breath every six hours to see if you get going the other way. I don’t suppose the Dorados can give you a pull? Or perhaps Anthony with his feet can do some paddling and push you on.

    Some interesting research shows that there is a community called the East Wind Community located in the Missouri Ozarks. Their name was taken from a quote by Mao, which was along the lines of “The East Wind shall prevail over the West.”

    or perhaps Sherlock Holmes had the answer:

    There’s an east wind coming, Watson.”
    “I think not, Holmes. It is very warm.”
    “Good old Watson! You are the one fixed point in a changing age. There’s an east wind coming all the same, such a wind as never blew on England yet. It will be cold and bitter, Watson, and a good many of us may wither before its blast. But it’s God’s own wind none the less, and a cleaner, better, stronger land will lie in the sunshine when the storm has cleared.”

  4. PEDRO GORDAN says:

    Dear guys ,
    Good and old sailors , you are teaching me a lot , not only courage., but other stuff like: longitude /latitude , degrees , COG and SOG . By the way when you reach the longitude 51, 09 W look to the south and imagine the City of Londrina – ParanĂ¡ – Brazil , which means little London at -51, 09 W and I will be greeting you looking to the north to say helo and good luck . I think , we will not see each other because of the 2000 miles that are in between. .
    But my heart will.
    Good Luck and good winds !!

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