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Yachting World
02.03.2011 Uncategorized 4 Comments

Yachting World

Article in current issue of Yachting World written by Jill Schinas.

Jill’s website HERE.

4 Responses to “Yachting World”

  1. Linda Bennett says:

    As a 68 year old winter resident on the island of Eleuthera and former crew on sailing yachts, I am following your adventure with great interest. I do hope you will make landfall before I leave in April. Creating an adventure is so satisfying. Well Done!

  2. John Benson says:

    As the project manager can Tony give the Blog a detailed description of how the raft was constructed? Great article in yachting but would be nice to read some more details about how rig was designed and why and how the raft was put together – lashings, buoyancy estimations etc. – Shame Yachting didnt go more deeply into that think lot of people like me would like those details.

  3. Trish says:

    I am surprised that Yachting World can publish such a poorly researched article. IT is news to many people that Tony Humphries was/ is the project manager of the raft. One of the difficult things with the raft was that there was no assigned project manager. But to indicate that Tony was that person then it is a gross insult to the many people who put huge amounts of effort into the raft – the rig design, the electronics, the food organizing, negotiations with Safos, and the GPS water pipe guys. And in the end a gross insult to my husband David Hildred who has been working on the raft since April 2010 – a bit of kudos and recognition to where it rightly belongs would go a long way to showing thanks to all those who are never mentioned who have put so much into the raft and getting it on its way.

  4. Robin. says:

    The article in Yachting World has ruffled a few feathers. The author is not known for her diplomacy. It was a piece written from observations in Valle Gran Rey.
    Another more thorough appraisal of the raft’s story can be found in Rachel Smith’s article in YachtPals.
    You can read about Rachel by clicking on ‘The Team’ at top of page. She took the trouble to sit down with each member of the crew and interview them.
    Her article can be found here…..LINK


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