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Atlantic crossing by RAFT Donate towards my web hosting bill!

Anthony Smith has fulfilled his dream to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a raft made of water pipes. His life has been filled with adventure and after 84 years of travelling through 70 countries he shows no sign of stopping. With your help he hopes to raise money for WaterAid, his chosen charity, and help raise awareness of the work they do to remind people of the many proverbs about water.

“Water, Give me water, “ cries the desperate desert traveller. He never asks for food.

Without food a man takes 60 days to die. Without water he lasts a quarter of that time.

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Click on picture below for article in Sunday Telegraph.

Anthony's book is published on February 5th 2015 by Little Brown priced £18.99. 'Old men ought to be explorers' said T.S. Eliot, and this book certainly gives a compelling argument in his favour. It is both a great story (a huge storm on the final night of the voyage almost wrecked them on a reef) and a call to action for the older generation - do not go quietly, says Anthony Smith, but seek out adventure as long as you are able.' Available also from Amazon HERE. Anthony and Petra celebrating Anthony's 86th birthday when he received the gift of a motor from BUDGET MARINE on St Maarten Why is Anthony looking so happy? Could he be looking at this ? More pics HERE. Anthony is reunited with his raft AnTiki and finds her in pretty good shape! (Ed. See above pic!) AnTiki's Sailing Master Dave Hildred has agreed to fly down and meet Anthony to help with the design changes and re-fit ready for the impending trip from St. Maarten to the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas .
Predicted route taken by raft.

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