E.T.WILLOWS  used a V8 J.A.P. engine to power his Airship in 1910.

The left picture is from the book by Alec McKinty 'The Father of British Airships.'

Published in 1972 by William Kimber & Co.


This next picture comes from Jeff Clew's book 'J.A.P. The Vintage Years.'

Published in 1985 by Foulis .



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Both books are out of print, but available from that emporium of rare books.....Gordon Bennett Books

Harry G. Ferguson ( he of tractor fame)| was a designer and pilot, whose first aircraft were constructed by his brother's firm of motor engineers. The machine was completed late in 1909 and although a 35hp Green had been acquired it was abandoned after a temporary flywheel disintegrated on test, and the aircraft was fitted instead with a 35hp air-cooled V8 JAP.       Read more....

The first heavier than air aircraft to fly in Ireland.


And recently emerged onto the public highway is this fabulous discovery by Richard Scaldwell......

powered by the Aero V8 J.A.P. engine from C.1910